Living Our Values at The Invictus Group, Inc

At The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ) we know that the values of a company help give employees guidance for their work and give clients an understanding of the type of effort and results they would receive working with them. Knowing how important this is for all avenues of our business, we have decided to really evaluate and clarify our company values. We want our clients to know what we stand for. We want our employees to have a clear focus and direction. And we want anyone who wants to work with us in the future to know what they will be getting from us.

The Invictus Group, Inc Stands for 7 Core Values

WORK ETHIC: The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous and worthy of reward. This is listed first for a reason. Working hard is non-negotiable. Regardless of what skills you have, you can always work hard. And that be the main factor that allows you to be successful.

LEADERSHIP: Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less. Without a leader, everyone and everything would remain stagnant. It’s important to have that guide and influence to strive to grow and be better.

INTEGRITY: Be true to yourself and everyone else around you. Without integrity, we would have nothing. Always do right for the people around you.

TEAMWORK: Work collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. We can accomplish more by working together but its also more fun having a group of people to celebrate your success together.

PASSION: Be fully committed in the heart, mind, and spirit to everything we do. When you do something with passion, your results are better and everyone around you feeds off of that energy.

EDUCATION: Everyday better yourself. It’s a journey, not a destination. It is important to continuously be learning and growing because that is how you will separate yourself from everyone around you. Every day, every week, every month try to learn something new and once all of that new knowledge is compiled, you’ll be a whole new person.

FUN: Smiling, enthusiasm, and laughing are what gets us going. Life is short. Enjoy what you do. You’ll be happier longer.

These values serve as a compass for our thoughts, words, actions, and destiny. We encourage anyone who has a connection with our firm (and even those who don’t)  to wake up and reflect these values in their personal life and professional life. We believe that when someone is truly practicing these values then they will constantly be growing, bettering the lives of themselves and the people around them and achieving overall happiness. To get to know more about the team behind the values, visit The Invictus Group, Inc on Facebook.

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