The Invictus Group, Inc Takes On LA!

At The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ) we value rewarding performance and providing personal and professional growth opportunities to our employees. In May, we were able to do both… our┬áPresident Gary flew to Los Angeles with top-performing employee Jeff Muthas! Every year the company looks forward to this weekend; an organizational event that gathers successful like-minded businesses and their top employees. If you’ve been paying attention to our company, Jeff was spotlighted in November as well for his leadership and the value that he brings to our company (you can read about that here) however this time he got more than a gold star, he got an all-expenses-paid trip to LA!

This was Jeff’s first opportunity to travel to the west coast with the company and fortunately, the weekend was jam-packed with opportunities to be a tourist. Gary and Jeff were able to go sightseeing at the Hollywood sign and visit Mel’s famous diner which felt like taking a step back in time. There is definitely no place like that near our hometown of Cherry Hill, NJ! The most memorable tourist event though had to be the TMZ tour. The group had an elite tour around Los Angeles stopping at different locations to try and see a celebrity sighting. There weren’t that many celebrities out that day but it did give them the chance to see more of Los Angeles, even the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When it comes down to business, the highlight for Jeff was the opportunity to network with people from all over the country and to hear from client executives about the future we are building at The Invictus Group, Inc. He took pages of notes and lessons on business and leadership but we wanted to share the Cliffnotes version:

  1. Always lead by example. The only way to gain long term success is to hold yourself to high standards and be the pacesetter.
  2. Proper planning is worth your time and investment. Imagine coming up with a plan of attack about how you will succeed today. Plan your attack and then attack your plan. Taking the time to do this is crucial and simple to do, you just have to do it. It takes all the thinking out of the day to day stress and helps create a clear path for success.

This was an unforgettable trip for Gary and Jeff and we are more excited to see what the rest of the year has to offer. We see great success for Jeff in the very near future at The Invictus Group, Inc and are looking forward to seeing what other employees are going to step up and earn the opportunity to travel for the rest of the year. Watch the highlight video from their trip below!

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