Invictus Group Inc Interview

The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing

This time of year, many people are graduating from college and starting their job search so we figured what better time to share The Invictus Group, Inc’s tips on interviewing. You can catch up on the conversation in our previous blog, “Do You Stand Out on an Interview?”  That article was to help you project yourself as the perfect candidate for the position. Of course, that is important but there are also some simple rules we think you should follow in general. Keep in mind, when looking for a job you should set up multiple interviews with different companies. You might not know where your next job will be but you also want to make sure that you are practicing your interviewing skillsets in real time so when you are on the job interview of your dreams, you ace it! With that in mind, here is some advice.

The “Do’s” of Interviewing

  • Dress the Part – First impressions are everything and if you show up to the company in the wrong attire, you will not seem like you will be a good fit for the company. Some jobs require business casual, some require business professional and some allow for you to just come in everyday clothes. Make sure you are dressing for the job you’re interviewing for. The Invictus Group is a business professional business so we take this very seriously. This all starts from when you drive into the complex. You might park next to an employee getting back from their lunch break in the department you’re interviewing for. Be ready for your interview the second you step out of your car.
  • Be Prepared – Knowing about the company is important but it’s also important for you to be prepared about multiple aspects of the interview. Research the website, charities the company supports, all social media platforms as well as your interviewer if you know who they are. This will give you multiple talking points and show your interviewer the time and effort you put into this interview which, in turn, will show them how you will treat your job if they hire you.
  • Ask the Right Questions – There are two people involved in an interview. The interviewer is making sure you are a good fit for the company but you are also making sure the job is a good fit for you. On your job search, you should know the values and environment that you are looking for and ask questions to discover if that company has it.
  • Be Honest – An employer wants to know who they really are hiring. Answer questions directly and do not portray yourself in a manner you think they want to hear, but in a way that you are.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take interviews seriously. You want a career, the company wants the best person for the job, and neither want to waste each other’s time. Keep a look out for the next part in our interviewing series for the “don’ts” coming soon!

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