Do You Stand Out On An Interview?

When The Invictus Group, Inc is hiring, we receive numerous applications from candidates with many different backgrounds, degrees, and employment history. We want to find the right person who not only will be 100% committed to the position but will help the company develop because they are an integral part of the team. You can imagine the challenge we have with a large pile of resumes that tend to look a lot alike. We believe the best way to get to know a candidate is through an interview where we can truly talk with someone. But then you ask yourself, how should you stand out on the interview?

Match your skills with the skills we’re looking for. We don’t want you to run off all of your skills and accomplishments that have absolutely nothing to do the open position. For example, one of our focuses at The Invictus Group, Inc is customer service. If you were a teacher, we want you to talk about your experience being a tutor and needing to help each student understand problems on a one on one basis and working with them patiently to find the solution while making them feel good along the way. We do not take hiring a new employee lightly and we want to see how someone’s skillsets will correlate into our company.

It’s important to come to the interview being knowledgeable about the company. You should bring up something you read about on the website or ask about the post you saw on Facebook that you are interested in. When someone does research about the company, it shows that they are diligent, invests time in what’s important to them and brings value to where they are. This will also show the company your level of commitment and excitement. We want someone to be excited to work with us.

Don’t forget to be unique. Find a way to stand out amongst other candidates. What specific skill sets or character traits do you have that no one else has. What makes The Invictus Group, Inc successful is the diverse group of people who make it up and we want to keep growing strong that way. If you are looking for a job now or going to be graduating this upcoming year, keep these few key points in mind. To see more about the amazing team that makes up our company, visit The Invictus Group, Inc on Facebook!

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