5 Ways to Adopt a Growth Mindset

Here at The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ), we help our team develop (or strengthen) a growth mindset on a daily basis. But many people are confused as to what it is, and how they can do it too. So we’ve laid out some tips and best practices for you.

To understand a growth mindset, you first have to understand what a fixed mindset it. Someone with a fixed mindset believes that people are born with a certain amount of intelligence or ability and there isn’t much that they can do in order to change that. These people tend to focus on looking successful rather than truly learning, and becoming successful. Typically, they tend to view giving a lot of effort as a negative and don’t tend to well when facing a challenge (give up easily.)

On the other hand, those who have or adopt a growth mindset, believe that intelligence or ability can be developed. They focus on learning on learning and mastering the skills to help them be successful, believe that continuous effort is the key to success, and thrive in the face of a challenge. At The Invictus Group, Inc there are many ways we help our team develop this thought process, but here are a few of the top examples!

  1. Embrace any challenge – do not shy away from new experiences and challenges. Accept that it may not be easy but you will grow in the process.
  2. Never give up – just because something doesn’t come naturally to you or is uncomfortable at first, do not quit. When you are uncomfortable, that is when you are learning and growing the most! Over time, you will get better and it will become easier.
  3. See effort as a journey – do not look down on putting in a lot of effort. Any successful person will tell you just how much effort it took to get there, although you may only see the result of said hard work.
  4. Learn from all criticism – positive or negative, criticism and feedback will help you grow personally and professionally.
  5. Be inspired by others’ successes – rather than being bitter towards other people’s success, celebrate it and learn from it! Find out how they were able to become great at what they do and apply it yourself.

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