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The Invictus Group, Inc Selects Q4 Top Mentor Awardee

The Invictus Group, IncĀ (Cherry Hill, NJ) would like to introduce you to one of our newest and most promising employees: Kevyn Goodwin!invictus-group-inc-ldrd5

Kevyn has been employed by our company for only 2 months and has already been surprising everyone with his early success. After studying Business Administration at Camden County College, Kevyn found himself working at Cherry Hill Dodge for 4 years. He had a lot of great experiences there but he was looking for a company that could provide more growth than he already achieved. Fast-forward to September 2018 and that is when Kevyn found The Invictus Group, Inc. When he came in for his initial interview, he told us the biggest thing that stuck out to him was the opportunity for career growth as well as the “family-like” environment after meeting some of the employees.

invictus-group-inc-pizzaThis family-like environment was then confirmed for him when he found himself playing ping pong and Wii with the team before heading home for the day. We believe that your personality should be reflected in your work so when we learned that Kevyn’s interests were in football, fishing, and MMA we knew he’d fit right in with our company’s culture!

After seeing the contributions that he brought to the company in a short amount of time, Kevyn was recently recognized for being a Top Mentor in front of peers and colleagues at a recent conference. This meant a lot to him because Kevyn is looking to accomplish more than the average employee at The Invictus Group, Inc. He appreciated the individual recognition but said he wants to see everyone succeed. He is currently working on developing himself to be more replicable so others can continue on the same path of success as him. In channeling his MMA and football background, Kevyn strives to use his work ethic, student mentality, and competitive nature to open up his own independent business within the next year. We encourage this type of thinking because it can only mean that the contributions Kevyn is going to bring in 2019 will help our company accomplish big goals as well.

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