The Invictus Group, Inc: 2017 Q4 Leadership Award

At The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ) leadership is not only one of our core values, but a practice that we develop every day within our team. There is not just one thing that makes you a great leader; it’s not a job title, it’s not a “born attribute”, it’s a multitude of things that you have to be conscious of, and work on, day in and day out, that will make you a great leader. There’s a quote by football player J.J. Watt that says, “success is not owned, it’s leased, and the rent is due every day,” and we feel the same way about leadership!

invictus group incEach quarter we award one of our employees with the highly sought after “top leader pin.” There are many things that go into the selection for this recognition, but for Q4 2017, it was handed to Jeffrey (Jeff) Murtha at a regional event in Philadelphia. The best part? Jeff has only been a part of The Invictus Group, Inc team for six months! It’s a perfect example of the no seniority principle that we abide by and proof that if you want something bad enough, and are willing to work for it, you can achieve it!


Jeff came to The Invictus Group, Inc with a degree in Marketing and Management from Penn State and lots of experience in the hospitality industry. He worked at Langhorne Coffee House as a line cook and kitchen manager for five years along with Adventure Land Day Camp as a climbing specialist & archery specialist. After graduation, and transitioning into the business world, we asked Jeff what the best piece of advice he has received so far was, and this is what he said:


 “Take notes on everything and review them daily.”

invictus group incSeems pretty simple, right? Well, that’s just the thing. Being successful, or not, isn’t necessarily complicated, it’s just making the decision to apply the advice that’s given and do things, consistently, that other people are not willing to do. Clearly, it’s paying off for Jeff! He went on to explain what it means, to him, to be a great leader:

“Being a great leader means doing all the right things and leading by example.”

This is just the beginning for Jeff, but an important step in his career at The Invictus Group, Inc. According to him, his motivation lies deep within to continue to push himself to the limit in order to live a lifestyle of his choosing. And we cannot wait to see where that will take him!

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