This is Why The Invictus Group, Inc is Growing Rapidly!

The Invictus Group, Inc has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work 2017 by the Philadelphia Business Journal! We’re truly honored to be known among other small businesses in the region as one of the top companies. This year, there was a record number of applicants to the contest which just makes this, that much sweeter.

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Here’s a little more information on how the contest works:

Every company had to meet a high statistical benchmark to even enter the contest. Once that was evaluated, current employees were given a survey about their company culture, working environment, overall job satisfaction and more. In August, our President will be attending the official award ceremony at the Fillmore Philadelphia.

Allowing our values to guide us through business has not failed us yet! We work together to achieve our goals, operate with integrity and continue to better ourselves every day at The Invictus Group, Inc. The passion we have for helping one another succeed is unmatched and we seek out the fun along the journey. With our people-oriented culture, philanthropic involvement is a perfect match! Our incredible team is always coming up with great ideas as to how we can continue to improve our community and give back to others in need.

“Being selected as one of the Philadelphia Area’s Best Places to Work is very humbling and rewarding.  We take pride in our continuous growth and truly value our team that helps contribute to this growth on a daily basis.  Our team gives their all everyday and we give back to them by helping them personally develop to be a better overall individual.  We are tremendously thankful that our team helped contribute to this achievement and we will continue to help each and every one of them conquer their personal and professional goals and aspirations!” – President of The Invictus Group, Inc

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing

This time of year, many people are graduating from college and starting their job search so we figured what better time to share The Invictus Group, Inc’s tips on interviewing. You can catch up on the conversation in our previous blog, “Do You Stand Out on an Interview?”  That article was to help you project yourself as the perfect candidate for the position. Of course, that is important but there are also some simple rules we think you should follow in general. Keep in mind, when looking for a job you should set up multiple interviews with different companies. You might not know where your next job will be but you also want to make sure that you are practicing your interviewing skillsets in real time so when you are on the job interview of your dreams, you ace it! With that in mind, here is some advice.

The “Do’s” of Interviewing

  • Dress the Part – First impressions are everything and if you show up to the company in the wrong attire, you will not seem like you will be a good fit for the company. Some jobs require business casual, some require business professional and some allow for you to just come in everyday clothes. Make sure you are dressing for the job you’re interviewing for. The Invictus Group is a business professional business so we take this very seriously. This all starts from when you drive into the complex. You might park next to an employee getting back from their lunch break in the department you’re interviewing for. Be ready for your interview the second you step out of your car.
  • Be Prepared – Knowing about the company is important but it’s also important for you to be prepared about multiple aspects of the interview. Research the website, charities the company supports, all social media platforms as well as your interviewer if you know who they are. This will give you multiple talking points and show your interviewer the time and effort you put into this interview which, in turn, will show them how you will treat your job if they hire you.
  • Ask the Right Questions – There are two people involved in an interview. The interviewer is making sure you are a good fit for the company but you are also making sure the job is a good fit for you. On your job search, you should know the values and environment that you are looking for and ask questions to discover if that company has it.
  • Be Honest – An employer wants to know who they really are hiring. Answer questions directly and do not portray yourself in a manner you think they want to hear, but in a way that you are.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take interviews seriously. You want a career, the company wants the best person for the job, and neither want to waste each other’s time. Keep a look out for the next part in our interviewing series for the “don’ts” coming soon!

Do You Stand Out On An Interview?

When The Invictus Group, Inc is hiring, we receive numerous applications from candidates with many different backgrounds, degrees, and employment history. We want to find the right person who not only will be 100% committed to the position but will help the company develop because they are an integral part of the team. You can imagine the challenge we have with a large pile of resumes that tend to look a lot alike. We believe the best way to get to know a candidate is through an interview where we can truly talk with someone. But then you ask yourself, how should you stand out on the interview?

Match your skills with the skills we’re looking for. We don’t want you to run off all of your skills and accomplishments that have absolutely nothing to do the open position. For example, one of our focuses at The Invictus Group, Inc is customer service. If you were a teacher, we want you to talk about your experience being a tutor and needing to help each student understand problems on a one on one basis and working with them patiently to find the solution while making them feel good along the way. We do not take hiring a new employee lightly and we want to see how someone’s skillsets will correlate into our company.

It’s important to come to the interview being knowledgeable about the company. You should bring up something you read about on the website or ask about the post you saw on Facebook that you are interested in. When someone does research about the company, it shows that they are diligent, invests time in what’s important to them and brings value to where they are. This will also show the company your level of commitment and excitement. We want someone to be excited to work with us.

Don’t forget to be unique. Find a way to stand out amongst other candidates. What specific skill sets or character traits do you have that no one else has. What makes The Invictus Group, Inc successful is the diverse group of people who make it up and we want to keep growing strong that way. If you are looking for a job now or going to be graduating this upcoming year, keep these few key points in mind. To see more about the amazing team that makes up our company, visit The Invictus Group, Inc on Facebook!

5 Ways to Adopt a Growth Mindset

Here at The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ), we help our team develop (or strengthen) a growth mindset on a daily basis. But many people are confused as to what it is, and how they can do it too. So we’ve laid out some tips and best practices for you.

To understand a growth mindset, you first have to understand what a fixed mindset it. Someone with a fixed mindset believes that people are born with a certain amount of intelligence or ability and there isn’t much that they can do in order to change that. These people tend to focus on looking successful rather than truly learning, and becoming successful. Typically, they tend to view giving a lot of effort as a negative and don’t tend to well when facing a challenge (give up easily.)

On the other hand, those who have or adopt a growth mindset, believe that intelligence or ability can be developed. They focus on learning on learning and mastering the skills to help them be successful, believe that continuous effort is the key to success, and thrive in the face of a challenge. At The Invictus Group, Inc there are many ways we help our team develop this thought process, but here are a few of the top examples!

  1. Embrace any challenge – do not shy away from new experiences and challenges. Accept that it may not be easy but you will grow in the process.
  2. Never give up – just because something doesn’t come naturally to you or is uncomfortable at first, do not quit. When you are uncomfortable, that is when you are learning and growing the most! Over time, you will get better and it will become easier.
  3. See effort as a journey – do not look down on putting in a lot of effort. Any successful person will tell you just how much effort it took to get there, although you may only see the result of said hard work.
  4. Learn from all criticism – positive or negative, criticism and feedback will help you grow personally and professionally.
  5. Be inspired by others’ successes – rather than being bitter towards other people’s success, celebrate it and learn from it! Find out how they were able to become great at what they do and apply it yourself.

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The Invictus Group, Inc Selects Q4 Top Mentor Awardee

The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ) would like to introduce you to one of our newest and most promising employees: Kevyn Goodwin!invictus-group-inc-ldrd5

Kevyn has been employed by our company for only 2 months and has already been surprising everyone with his early success. After studying Business Administration at Camden County College, Kevyn found himself working at Cherry Hill Dodge for 4 years. He had a lot of great experiences there but he was looking for a company that could provide more growth than he already achieved. Fast-forward to September 2018 and that is when Kevyn found The Invictus Group, Inc. When he came in for his initial interview, he told us the biggest thing that stuck out to him was the opportunity for career growth as well as the “family-like” environment after meeting some of the employees.

invictus-group-inc-pizzaThis family-like environment was then confirmed for him when he found himself playing ping pong and Wii with the team before heading home for the day. We believe that your personality should be reflected in your work so when we learned that Kevyn’s interests were in football, fishing, and MMA we knew he’d fit right in with our company’s culture!

After seeing the contributions that he brought to the company in a short amount of time, Kevyn was recently recognized for being a Top Mentor in front of peers and colleagues at a recent conference. This meant a lot to him because Kevyn is looking to accomplish more than the average employee at The Invictus Group, Inc. He appreciated the individual recognition but said he wants to see everyone succeed. He is currently working on developing himself to be more replicable so others can continue on the same path of success as him. In channeling his MMA and football background, Kevyn strives to use his work ethic, student mentality, and competitive nature to open up his own independent business within the next year. We encourage this type of thinking because it can only mean that the contributions Kevyn is going to bring in 2019 will help our company accomplish big goals as well.

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Invictus Group, Inc Spotlight

At The Invictus Group, Inc, it is one of our top priorities to ensure that are employees are shown that they are appreciated, valued and are rewarded for their performance! Today, Alejanadra (Allie) Caban is in the spotlight!

invictus-group-incAllie moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey from Duluth, Minnesota, where she studied Communications at St. Scholastica. Prior to The Invictus Group, Inc, she worked as an Administrator/Executive for a Non-Profit Organization Nueva Esperanza. Her goals being a part of our team are to help the company expand and help provide opportunities for growth to the other employees.  Some of Allie’s interests include photography, traveling and giving back to charities. She also enjoys attending her son’s soccer games, great coffee shops and her favorite snack are almonds!

In a few short weeks, Allie has already been making a big impact in our Human Resources department. If you’re coming in to see us, or happen to speak with her on the phone, be sure to share with her your favorite local coffee shops! Thank you for all that you do, Allie and keep up the great work!

The Invictus Group, Inc: 2017 Q4 Leadership Award

At The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ) leadership is not only one of our core values, but a practice that we develop every day within our team. There is not just one thing that makes you a great leader; it’s not a job title, it’s not a “born attribute”, it’s a multitude of things that you have to be conscious of, and work on, day in and day out, that will make you a great leader. There’s a quote by football player J.J. Watt that says, “success is not owned, it’s leased, and the rent is due every day,” and we feel the same way about leadership!

invictus group incEach quarter we award one of our employees with the highly sought after “top leader pin.” There are many things that go into the selection for this recognition, but for Q4 2017, it was handed to Jeffrey (Jeff) Murtha at a regional event in Philadelphia. The best part? Jeff has only been a part of The Invictus Group, Inc team for six months! It’s a perfect example of the no seniority principle that we abide by and proof that if you want something bad enough, and are willing to work for it, you can achieve it!


Jeff came to The Invictus Group, Inc with a degree in Marketing and Management from Penn State and lots of experience in the hospitality industry. He worked at Langhorne Coffee House as a line cook and kitchen manager for five years along with Adventure Land Day Camp as a climbing specialist & archery specialist. After graduation, and transitioning into the business world, we asked Jeff what the best piece of advice he has received so far was, and this is what he said:


 “Take notes on everything and review them daily.”

invictus group incSeems pretty simple, right? Well, that’s just the thing. Being successful, or not, isn’t necessarily complicated, it’s just making the decision to apply the advice that’s given and do things, consistently, that other people are not willing to do. Clearly, it’s paying off for Jeff! He went on to explain what it means, to him, to be a great leader:

“Being a great leader means doing all the right things and leading by example.”

This is just the beginning for Jeff, but an important step in his career at The Invictus Group, Inc. According to him, his motivation lies deep within to continue to push himself to the limit in order to live a lifestyle of his choosing. And we cannot wait to see where that will take him!

The Value of an Internship at The Invictus Group, Inc

The Invictus Group, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ) welcomes interns with open arms! Why? Because we have a burning passion to help support entry level professionals who are trying to find their way in the business world. Through hands on experience, coupled with guided mentoring, we set up our interns for long-term success!

Samantha Vella, a Senior at Chestnut Hill College, is studying BusinThe-Invictus-Group-Inc-samess Administration and Management. She spent the summer interning in the Human Resources Department of The Invictus Group, Inc, directly under Managing Director, Lauren C. Throughout her experience, Samantha was able to gain hands on experience in her field, while providing a ton of value to our team. In just a few months she vastly improved her communication, time management and organization skills. Working with our Managing Director, Lauren, also proved to be extremely beneficial and the duo was able to accelerate the growth of our company.

“Sam was extremely hardworking and always got the job done. I could always depend on her to make sure things ran smoothly in the office if I was out or got backed up with my own work. Her friendly and sweet personality made anyone who came into the office feel extremely comfortable. She also loves her wings! (referring to chicken wings after work with the team – a weekly ritual at The Invictus Group, Inc) And not to mention, Sam is an identical clone to “Sloane” from the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!” – Lauren C. Managing Director at The Invictus Group, Inc

Although we are sad to see Sam, and the rest of our awesome interns from the summer head back to school, we feel great that they are going back a little more prepared! To hear more about their experiences interning with our firm, check out these videos!